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Summer Can’t Be Squashed in South Texas

Good afternoon to all!

Growing up in Dallas I was lucky enough to be exposed to a few snow filled wonder world winters. However, little did I know that weather is drastically various throughout the whole state of Texas. After moving to the little college town of San Marcos, I quickly realized the climatic differences and grew increasingly sad as each winter passed without a flake of snow. Yet, throughout my social media feeds were plenty of snowy filled Dallas days. I thought to myself that maybe the greenhouse effect was the causation of my snowless winters. While this could indeed be the fact, I was soon assured that I would never see a snowy winter in South Texas. This sadden assurance came from my boyfriend, whom has lived his entire life in San Antonio and even to this very day has never seen snow through his own eyes.

So, here’s to the never ending summers that just can’t seem to be stopped here in South Texas. That of which, I will be squashing it up in my own way via summer squash risotto with garlic, peas and basil.

Here’s picture of how mine turned out:Recipe here.

I did make a few modifications to my recipe. For instance, I used jasmine rice and white mushrooms (because they’re cheaper). I actually ended up making this recipe in bulk twice before actually posting about it, it really is an amazing side dish or even a nice small entree  dish.



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