Overall Summary

Far well!

As the semester approaches its end, so does my blog *tears*. Do not fear though, I have had a wonderful experience expanding my knowledge of vegan dishes throughout this time. However, I do believe that I could have improved my picture posts within the blogs. After I made the meals and devoured them I quickly came to realize that I did not capture my glamour meal in a quality photo for the whole world to gaze at. If I were to continue this blog, I would want to incorporate the nutritional values into each post.

Furthermore, I found the twitter widget to be extremely effective. Something about posting onto other social networks really catches a lot more attention and increases traffic throughout my blog. That being said, I did not find the text widget to be very useful. But that could also be due to the fact that I did not throughly understand it.

All in all, I believe that this blogging experience will be beneficial to me in the future when I dive into my dietetics career and want to expand my nutritional meals/values to my clients via social media. Additionally and stats speaking, my most popular blog turned out to be “Brusseling for Beets.” This post had an audience of 12! Go beets go!! Which is most definitely an amazing surprise to me because I did not realize I had a 12 person audience. WOOOHHOOOO!

In the beginning, I noted that I was a fan of the outdoors so here is a brief slideshow giving you guys a little story of my adventures since I began this blog:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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