Let me start by introducing myself.

First and foremost, my name is Leann M. Brown and I am originally from the Dallas, Texas region. As for education, I am currently a senior undergraduate scholar at the breathtaking Texas State University (TXST) pinpointed in San Marcos, Texas. While it took me a few degree modifications to figure out my passion, I finally devoted myself to pursuing a major in Nutrition with a minor in Psychology. Before attending TXST and after graduating from Princeton High School, I acquired my 200HR-RYT Hatha Yoga certification through Purple Lotus Yoga with Mrs. Shannon White Caldwell. Throughout this training my thirst and inspiration for nutrition began to grow, and to is still blossoming to the very moment. After my bachelors, I plan to continue my education through pursuing a Masters in Nutrition to then finish up with a Dietetic Internship (DI). Lastly, when all is accomplished and well, I will build up and organize a clinical practice that focuses primarily on nutritional care for adolescences and young adults.

That’s enough about myself, lets get back to this blog’s purpose.

My main intention for this blog is to provide my personal outlook and experience that I will endeavor through my search for vegan recipes. Sounds like an easy task, some might say. However, my main obstacle is finding meals that are not only vegan based but also worthy enough for meat-lovers. Because I’m not the only one who has to eat in my house-hold.

Why vegan?

Good question! There are may misconceptions and disbelievers when is comes to “veganism.” That being said, there will be no grass eating of any sort. While there are various amounts of reason for why an individual may choose this lifestyle, mine is simply that I have a sensitive stomach. However, my poor sweet boyfriend did not choose this lifestyle but is willing to accept meals as long as they taste to his standards. So that my friends, is why.